Looking after your Website

The amount of maintenance your new website will require will vary greatly according to its content. For example a news channel or paper will be updating its pages continuously, whilst a hotel might just update every year when it's prices change. There are three main areas to consider:

Designing for maintenance

In practice, most pages of small-to-medium sized sites remain more or less unaltered, while a few receive more regular attention - maybe quarterly or monthly. At Pearce Web Design, we will incorporate these considerations into advice about the structure of your site as it is built.

We are glad, and indeed prefer, to be involved in the upkeep of the sites we create for you. Maintenance is charged at our standard hourly rate of £30.

As we have specialist software and expertise, most changes can be effected very quickly. When considering whether or not to get into the maintenance of your site, especially if it is for your business, do cost your time carefully - we may be able to save you a lot of stress!

Checking site and reciprocal links

Whatever size of website you have, it is a good idea to get into the habit of checking it regularly - maybe a link to another website is out of date. For businesses of any kind, a major source of traffic to your site will be to get another website to link to you.

This not only increases visitors to your site on from theirs, but also will give your site a higher ranking on search engines. The more links, the more visitors you will receive. We recommend that you see this as part of the process of marketing your business, and give it time accordingly. Just email us the details of sites you want to link to, and we will update your site.


Analysing the performance of your website

There are two main ways of evaluating your website -

  1. Word of mouth comments - at Pearce Web Design we will, if you agree, set up a means for people to pass on any comments via email, or to let you know if they wish to link to the site (see above).

  2. Site Statistics - if you request, we shall set up your site with a statistics function. This means you can analyse how many people visit your site, and which pages are the most and least popular. This will enable you to make sure the most important information is where it will be seen the most.

    Site Statistics can also tell you which sites linked to yours pass on the greatest amount of traffic, and which search engines get you the most 'hits' (a 'hit' is when someone visits your site).

If you choose to have us maintain and update your site, we will make any changes quickly. Maintenance is charged at our standard rate of £30/hour. Remember we can make both large and small changes quickly, so why give yourself the bother?!

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