What we can do for you

Websites built by Pearce Web Design offer a number of features, many of which are also available as stand-alone services to clients looking to improve or redesign existing websites.

The start-to-finish webdesign and maintenance services have been outlined on earlier pages. The following is a demonstration of features either mentioned elsewhere on this site, as well as some available on their own to improve sites you may already have.


All sites of more than one page need a means of getting from one to another - this is called navigation. In our sites you will always find it easy to move around the site, with the buttons for navigation in a consistent place on each page. Normally you would choose one of four types:

  1. image buttons, which change in some fashion as you place the mouse over them.
  2. pop-up menus (for larger sites normally), where extra buttons become visible as you place the mouse over the main button.
  3. text buttons - the simplest and quickest to implement. Can be plain looking.
  4. CSS buttons - text buttons with decoration to make them act more like image buttons. Can be combined with images (as on this site).

Flash Animations

Flash player is a program which comes within browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. It is able to play 'movies' which can be anything from an entire page to a small feature bringing interest to a page. We don't recommend using flash for the whole page as it can be over-fussy, but it is excellent for adding a bit of movement.


Hidden events

You may want certain objects only to become visible when the viewer moves their mouse or clicks a button:

Sound files

Something of a speciality for Pearce Web Design. If you are a musician or music society, you may want to have demonstrations of recordings you have made. Simply supply us with CDs or email us MP3 files (other formats tend to be rather large to email). We will reduce the file size for quick downloading and make a demonstration file for your site. You can see examples of this in action at naturallyhorns.co.uk and thomasguthrie.com. Our method of showcasing audio files is much more reliable than many websites - often a problem with sound files.



Most people take the photos for their new website themselves. However if you require we can arrange a photographer to visit your business to take necessary photographs. The cost for this service will be based upon the location of your business.

If you choose to take photos yourself, you can supply them to us as prints sent through the post, or digital images via email.


Forms can be used to gather information from a potential customer. The information in the form is submitted to the website, which then has software to convert this into an email to you. An example of a form can be found on our contact page.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what we can do for you: you may see features elsewhere that you would like incorporated into your own site. Call us on 01730 300 809, or complete the enquiry form on our contact page.

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