.com or .co.uk ?

A Domain name is a portion of an email address or website which is unique, for example our domain name is pearcewebdesign.com.

Domain names are surprisingly inexpensive (typically £5/year for a .co.uk address and £10 a year for a .com address).

Having a .co.uk or .com address not only makes you or your business appear more professional, it is also more easily remembered, essential if you are dictating it over the phone or someone sees it on a vehicle or advertisement.

Pearce Web Design will advise you on which domain names are available and register them on your behalf.

Domain names typically come with several useful email features; some may depend on the hosting options you have chosen (see our hosting page):

We will guide you through the process of choosing and registering a domain name. Call us on 01730 300 809, or email us through the contact page.

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